• A future to work towards?

    6th Dec 2020 by

    Even if I believe it’s important, I find visioning a future to work towards really difficult. It’s probably because for anyone engaged in wanting the world to change in the direction of social and environmental justice, things look pretty grim on a bigger picture scale. The climate and ecological crisis looms and increasingly takes hold,… Read more

  • Winter solstice

    24th Dec 2020 by

    Cold soft dusk. Branches finely criss-cross above us, While below the thick roots hold our sheep skins to cradle us. . A candle burns in the darkening silence. . What has grounded us this year? What has lifted us up? What has kept our spirits strong? – Kept us connected? . The tawny owls call.… Read more

  • Collectivism, Climate Change and Covid-19

    9th Apr 2020 by

    Here’s what’s been on my mind for the last weeks, and I’m sure many others are struck by it as well: Contrary to what I previously believed, people are capable of mass behaviour change in the face of an emergency. So that’s positive, even if the measures taken are imperfect or inadequate. People are able… Read more

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